About Us


Welcome to Results Consortium Limited, a fantastic place to develop your skills and enhance your career. Results was founded in 2002 with the objective of offering high quality educational opportunities to students who are ambitious and impatient make a mark in their career. Results has helped thousands of people back into employment or helped those in employment to improve their career. The relevant, focused and hands-on approach adopted assists in the development of student knowledge and skills. This means that learners graduating from Results are viewed as highly employable and equipped to make a difference for employers.

As a student, you are our priority and we ensure that you have an enriching learning experience to sustain your development in the areas you wish to achieve in. We offer high quality of support and after care assistance to our learners, often long after you have completed your programmes with us.

As an institution, we are totally committed to delivering a positively teaching and learning experience with appropriately qualified and experienced tutors.

We have a well-established system to ensure that you are able to achieve successfully your qualification over and above the minimum threshold.

We encourage students from different background and with different needs to be part of our organisation. We ensure that you are able to study in a diverse setting where you are respected and treated fairly. We are highly committed to your health and safety and protection and we are equipped with necessary policies and procedures to offer you a safe learning environment.